Our Process

Conscientious Approach

At Maha Loka, we are blessed to participate in a growing community of individuals who value the world. The Maha Loka philosophy is to support our worldwide family by providing durable, ethically made products that facilitate positive social impact.

Maha Loka Brand

Our Maha Loka brand of lifestyle bags are made from eco-friendly materials. The Be Great Yoga Bag is made from Ultrafabrics Vegan Leather, a renewable, plant-based fabric. The Live Great Yoga Bag is made from ECONYL® recycled nylon, which reduces the global warming impact of nylon production by up to 80%. We collaborated with Artisan Fashion in Kenya to craft the Do Great Tote using upcycled materials and environmentally responsible processes, which also help artisans achieve greater economic freedom.

Partnering Brands

In addition to our Maha Loka-brand bags, we work with other conscientious brands to provide a curated set of unique, innovative, and high-quality products at affordable prices. By collaborating with other businesses that place sustainability and global responsibility above making a profit, we’re able to offer products that promote a sense of well-being and comfort—both in the act of wearing them, and at a mental and spiritual level for the wearer.

Curated Product Selection

Each business and product is carefully screened to ensure it aligns with our ethos and ethics. In this way, we can create a community united in purchasing for a purpose—a purpose that helps spark positive global change.


All of our orders are shipped in compostable courier satchels that are 100% biodegradable or in recycled boxes, supporting our mission to respect and maintain an environmentally friendly attitude toward our great world.

Created with Unmatched

Style & Quality Design

The Bohemian Chic aesthetic is present across our brand of Maha Loka lifestyle bags. We guarantee our products because we believe in the quality and stand behind our craftsmen. It is with great pride we present the Maha Loka line.