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Avenue 15 Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

What Living The Yogic Lifestyle Really Means

While so many brands are looking to capitalise on the growing global popularity of yoga, few are actually run with a yogic ethos, which can make yogis hesitant when it comes to backing companies that sell yoga gear. Above all the noise, however, an innovative new company is coming into focus, and Jamie Parker, its founder, is leading the way forward.

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Vie Lifestyle Magazine

Peace, Love & Maha Loka

Be Great. Do Great. Live Great. These simple words embody the spirit of Maha Loka, a brand dedicated to building a supportive, global community. The Maha Loka dream did not reveal itself all at once. Rather, it developed slowly, evolving as I experienced our wonderful world every day.

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Sublime Sustainable Lifestyle Magazine

Bags of Hope

The bottom liners may consider handmade a luddite concept – the band of cotton and woollen mill workers of early 19th century England who destroyed the machinery. Yet, the handmade movement has made a comeback in the last decade, as artisanan-made products provide unique beauty and tales of the community for the wearer, while essential to rural economies globally.

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