Ths History of Maha Loka

Our Story

At a time when negativity threatens to divide us, it is more important than ever for humanity to stand together. We must fight hate with love, divisiveness with unity, and prejudice with acceptance. Here at Maha Loka, we understand the importance of coming together, sharing our stories, experiencing cultures from other perspectives, and teaching and learning together.

The Maha Loka Story

Maha Loka was born from the passion to build a supportive community that believes in doing right by our great world. Each of us has within us the innate desire to preserve the beauty of the world’s environment and its people, and each of us has our own talents to help in that endeavor. This idea evolved into a lifestyle company as a way to share a vision of global unity and goodness.

Our Great World

The name Maha Loka was the obvious choice for our brand. Maha means “great” and loka means “world” in Sanskrit. This name embodies our vision to celebrate the unique diversity of this great world, while advocating for positive consumerism that minimally impacts the environment.

We do not claim to have all the answers…because, let’s be honest, who does? Nobody is perfect, but it is our effort to do good in the world that will make a difference. We are not about “trendy” sustainability; rather, we understand that we are all learning and improving as we go. With that in mind, we make every effort to ensure our products are made using transparent processes that are ethical and sustainable, and that the brands we partner with adhere to a similar ethos.

Our intent is to create a community of people who care. Individuals who strive to do good and live their best lives, using their talents to enact positive change in the world around them. And it is our goal to offer products that not only make you feel good, but also give you the confidence to achieve your goals of helping and giving back to the world around you.

After all, what are we on this earth for if not to improve ourselves and the circumstances of those around us? It is our purpose to help everyone experience a life worth living!

“Maha Loka is more than a company that sells products. Maha Loka embodies the aspiration to be great, do great, and live great. Our community strives to be a positive force of good in the world, using our talents to give back to this great world and make it a happier, cleaner, and more sustainable place.”

Jamie Parker

Meet Our Founder & Owner

Jamie Parker

With the planet on our mind, we offer a curated selection of lifestyle products that reflect our desire to preserve the earth and its people.

Our Community

We couldn’t live the Maha Loka vision of global unity without our incredible community and amazing partners.

In the beginning, we teamed up with other sustainable companies, including Artisan Fashion in Kenya, to develop lifestyle products using eco-friendly processes that minimize our carbon footprint and help global economies. As the vision progressed, we began partnering with other like-minded businesses that use their voices to help promote global responsibility and give back to their communities. Now, we have added to our inventory, offering sustainable, eco-friendly, and feel-good lifestyle products from these other companies as well.

As we work with companies that share our vision, we are able to live up to our mission of creating a socially and environmentally conscious community. This engagement leads to high-quality products, offers greater economic freedom to talented artisans, and builds a connected community that loves this great world.

Our selection of products has been specially curated with you and our great world in mind. You can browse all of these products in the shop, and be sure to check out our partnering brands to see what they’re doing to encourage sustainability and compassionate living.

How Do You Maha Loka?

The mission of this great community is to do good in the world. This is achieved in a number of ways, including collaborating with artisans around the world, partnering with brands who share a passion for the earth and its people, continually evolving as a brand, engaging in important conversations, and giving back to causes that promote global development and sustainability. In these ways, Maha Loka and its community may succeed in positively influencing the world.

This mission is only possible through its blended ensemble of artisans, visionaries, and dreamers—including you! As one mind, one body, and one spirit, we are working together to encourage goodness, sustainability, and unity.

We want to know how you use your unique talents to support our great world—no matter how big or small. Send us a short blurb or video and we'll share it on the site.

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