Practice Kindness

Be kind and you can change the world. It sounds cliché, I know, but it’s true!

We live in a modern world. Technology and innovation have driven us to an incredible time of opportunity and success. Globalization has connected us with cultures and peoples from around the globe. We have news, information, and educational materials at our fingertips.

However, with this increase in modernization, society has also seen a decrease in happiness—both with oneself and with the world. Media thrives on divisiveness and negativity. Depression and self-doubt are rampant. We spend our days worried and anxious. Despite the interconnectedness created by technology and social media, many of us feel lonely.

How can we combat this increasingly prevalent problem?

Practice kindness!

We could all use a little more kindness in our lives. Think about how a few kind words or an act of service can drastically improve your mood during the day. Now think about the impact it would have if each of us were shown kindness every single day! We could drive out hate. Build respect. Engage in productive conversations that lead to compassion and understanding. Create real change.

We all have the power to make this difference.

Kindness comes in many forms. From what you do, to what you say, to how you say it.

Be kind to yourself. To do this, you might try self-affirmations. Tell yourself that you are enough. That you are worth living a great life. That your talents, ideas, and perspectives can positively influence others. Be kind to your body, mind, and spirit through wellness activities and healthy lifestyle habits.

Be kind to your family and to your friends. These crucial relationships will be made stronger through your kind words and deeds. Write a nice note to your mother, father, or another loved one. Take your brother or sister out to lunch. Help out a struggling friend. Send a care package to someone you know.

Be kind to strangers. A small act of kindness from a stranger can make a person’s day. Smile at passersby on the street. High five your grocery store cashier. Pay it forward at a restaurant. Give out compliments like candy.

The possibilities to be kind are endless.

We live in a great world. Yes, technology and modern advancements are part of why it’s amazing. But it is the people, and the everyday actions of each and every one of us, that truly make it great.

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